Simple Paint Chip Art

Who likes free things?  Who likes pretty free things?  Is your hand still up?  Then you’re in luck cause today I’m sharing with you this simple Paint Chip Art.

paint chip art

If there is one thing this blog has helped me with it is finishing projects.  I have to finish them completely so that they are ready to share with all of you, and on the day that I installed my Rustic Modern Floating Shelves I was so excited that I just had to style them right away so I could post them.  (Psst…want to know how I got that pattern on my walls? I’ll tell you all about it right here.)

The problem is that I don’t have a very large budget when it comes to decorating and I have a really hard time spending money on accessories.  Am I the only one?  I want pretty things to complete the look of my home, but let’s be honest, they just sit there so spending money on them feels funny to me.

So I was in a pinch.  Empty shelves.  Not a lot of money to spend.  And a stack of paint samples is some of my favorite colors!  Problem solved!

paint chip art

So I took some of my favorite colors and thought up a simple pattern.

paint chip art

I ended up with rectangles in 3 different shades of blue.  The rectangles get a little shorter in each column to add some interest.

paint chip art

Then I cut a little spot for a pop of color.  I originally thought this coral color was the ticket.  But you can see in my final photos that I ended up with the yellow.  I think it pops more.

paint chip art

After I framed it in a white frame I had stashed in a closet, I added it to my shelves.  I like the color it adds and I loved the price!

paint chip art

And there you have it!

Are you guilty of taking paint samples too?  Something about all of the colors makes them irresistible.

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